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Dry tattooing scar & stretch mark treatment Manchester - MCA Micro Needling

Dry Tattooing scar and stretch mark treatment is the most precise and intense type of skin needling. It’s virtually painless, effective, and with lots of advice given you can improve not only the damaged skin, but the rest of your skin

Scar & Stretch Mark Treatment using Dry Tattooing

Dry Tattooing is medical micro needling, used to improve scars, stretch marks, burns or deep lines and wrinkles.  From my initial skin needling training I developed Dry Tattooing, becoming the first person in the UK to bring this successful scar and stretch mark treatment to the British public’s attention.  I also offer training courses and workshops

Dry Tattooing Scars and Stretch Marks Treatment

Working on the same principle as other types of skin needling such as the derma roller or dermapen, a controlled wound causes the growth of healthy new collagen i.e new skin.  However Dry Tattooing treats the specific areas of damaged skin i.e each individual stretch mark and only the scar. Areas that are not affected are not treated

The special needles used in a dry tattoo machine, are much closer together than those of a derma roller or derma pen, so the treatment is effective much quicker. Aftercare advice is given so you can get the best results, with specialist and high street products recommended

Derma Roller, Dermapen, Dry Tattooing
From left to right: Derma roller, Derma pen type needle, specialist Dry Tattooing needle

Stretch mark treatment payment plan interest free credit

Interest free credit available for treatments over £250.  Please ask for details

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